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    Britanian Knightmare idea/request

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    Britanian Knightmare idea/request  Empty Britanian Knightmare idea/request

    Post by Jace LeBlanc on Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:02 am

    ~To whom it may concern
    Contained within this letter is a basic blueprint for a special support unit suitable for mass production. Ever since the complete and utter destruction we suffered at the hands of these so called "black knights" the moral of our men has dropped tremendously. Not only do many of them hesitate to take any action against the "black knights" (Of course excluding the new recruits, due to either a VERY brave ( what some may call naive ) attitude or an absence from the battle of shinjuku). In light of these recent events, i suggest we begin testing and developing a new support knightmare model. A battle isn't one by those that die, but by those who survive. With support fire from a near unreachable force of units off of the actual battle field we will have an enormous advantage over the enemy "black knights". Included in my design is a much longer range, single fire rate barrel canon, a shield instead of slash harkens and a different paint job. Although the colours are not official Britanian colours, i do believe their potential in the field outweighs this aesthetic disadvantage. Not only will our soldiers be much hastier to operate these unique, safer support models but this means the melee units can rest easy knowing there is a small unit watching and protecting them from ambushes and aiding in full scale fights. Of course, if you ever need someone to test any and all prototypes, including any firt models produced I am all too willing to answer the call. Considering my track record (and the fact i was one of the three people to survive shinjuku on the Britanian side) i do believe i will be a logical decision for the part.
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