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    Questions? Empty Questions?

    Post by C.C on Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:29 pm

    We all have questions about the anime Code Geass, and would like to know what we don't understand. I have found master's or big fan freaks of Code Geass answer even the most simply question's wrong, I am simply going to make it easy and give you truth rather thin lie's.

    Questions Most Asked,
    1. What is C2/C.C.'s real name?
    A. I have been surfing the net a lot to get the truth on this, I have even had a fan come to me and tell me her real name, (turned out to be wrong.) C2's real name is best known as 'Cecaniah Corabelle' or 'Cecanniah Corabelle' as both will even find you her info and or pictures. C2's name is not Code Geass, Yuki or any other name someone might tell you, I like you to try it your self, using this name will lead you to C.C. unlike the other names leading you no where.

    2. Dose Lelouch Die?
    A. No he dose not, in English editing they leave out the part showing Lelouch as the cart driver after C2 ask Lelouch a question, if you watch the Japanese original. You will see Lelouch reply with a smile and grunt. I will try and post the Episode to prove this better.

    (English Editing)